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2 min readAug 24, 2021

It gives me great pleasure to announce that recently, I acquired the website

My reasoning for acquiring this site was simple. I love to write about brewing beer, I love to brew beer (and taste it), and not to mention, I love to talk about it. When I saw the website, I just knew I had to get it and make it my own.

Self explanatory?

As it stands, the website has a lot of autogenerated content (videos). This will change in the days and weeks ahead (this process already is ongoing). For now, content is divided into several sections:

  • Guide. Articles that help brewers get started on their homebrewing journey
  • Homebrewing-101. Practical considerations when trying to make the best tasting beer at home
  • Homebrewing equipment. Overview and discussion of the various kit out there that one can use to make beer.
  • Homebrewing recipes. A collection of videos highlighting various beer recipes.
  • Beer kit. The various beer kits out there one can use to make particular beer styles
  • Homebrew cider. Self-explanatory. All there is to know about making cider.

As refreshing content already has started, it is likely that we will also change the categories to better suit brewers from all ilks (levels of experience).

If you have a moment, please come and pay us a visit at Better yet, any comments and suggestions on this exciting new project are more than welcome!

Brew on, and cheers!


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